Mass enables anyone with a computer to earn universal income by connecting the world's computers.
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We believe that the power of technology should positively impact everyone.

As the world is moving towards more automation, businesses are increasingly relying on computing power. With demand for computing power growing exponentially faster than the supply, the world will run out of computing power within the next decade.

90% of the world's 2 billion computers are unused, wasting trillions of dollars in untapped resources.

Mass uses the power of edge computing to connect the world's unused computers empowering users to earn money by sharing their idle computing power and power businesses across the world.

At Mass we are using the power of edge computing.

We enable anyone to make money sharing their idle CPU power to earn up to 2,000 USD per year per computer. By cutting out the need to build physical server farms, we are able to lower computing costs by 10 times the price of Amazon Web Services.

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  • Marta Parke
    Founder CEO
  • Tai Au
    Founder, Visionary, CTO
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    Marta Parke
  • Tai Au
    Founder, Visionary, CTO