Marquis Insight @ Totem Media

We blueprint and integrate marketing data across all platforms from web analytics, SEM, paid, earned and owned.

We feel that marketing remains outdated and based on separate practices. In order to transform companies need to fundamentally review what and how they measure their output. The key is not just in understanding data but also having experienced marketing across practices to speak the required languages. In essence we're data translators with strong experience in the platforms and means to create powerful integrated and interactive data so you can view and understand exactly what's working and what isn't.

This turns data into real actionable insights.. which leads into our partner agency Totem Media who put that into a workable strategy. Did you know PR has the greatest impact on SEO, did you know still images work better on average than video, did you know you can maintain organic strategy with phased content?

We do.

Imagine you're a regional marketing director, you might manage 5-8 countries, each country having 3-4 agencies, each with their own metrics, formats and goals.. meaning you receive up to 30-40 PPTs a month with data that has no relevance to each other, even if you read it.

You need to make the case to your company for investment but how can you when you don't have the evidence to back up your assertions, evidence that shows an impact on the bottom line.

You want to transform yet if you don't revisit exactly what your purpose and goals are, how they work together and build up your measurement into a single view comparative dashboard then any efforts will eventually run to waste as they're not built on solid foundations.

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  • Henry Wood
    Managing Partner
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