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Manual knowledge is placed at the heart of our attentions because we believe in it’s richness and diversity. We think of this as Man’s future, of the one who will know how to create, build and pass on. In this way, blacksmiths, sculptors or bakers are above all inspiring people to us, bringing authenticity and poetry to the stories we tell with them, so that the « know how » becomes and remains a « let know ».

Manarr is an independant and creative website dedicated to crafts and creative labors.
Our content brings to light men and women’s knowledge who made of their passion a way of life. By choosing to be storytellers, we aspire to bring back at the centre of attention the poetry and humanity at the heart of these vocations.

An original creative content

Our creations and publications are made from a constant research and are intended to be both a source of information and inspiration. By offering a regularly renewed, innovative content and exploring the many facets of artisanal creation, we want to value the own artistic richness to these trades too often wrongly regarded as belonging to the past, representing a form of resistance to standardization.

A craftsman’s partner

We want to offer these professions who are struggling to find their place on the web and social networks , a new visibility. That is why we wanted our website simple and efficient, where from creation to distribution are as one. Those choosing our services, immediately and thus no additional cost, offer themselves an optimal SEO and visibility to a wide audience. We allow everyone to discover the talents near their homes and around the world through an interactive interface card on location.

We are actually in the process of creating the company, studying our market and buisness plan to offer an affordable quality service to our clients.
We are looking for a salesman, at first for some advise and then for a full time employment here in ou Parisian office.

Do contact us if you have any questions !

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