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Mamahen is a Hong Kong based online gift registry service with fun baby information for new mothers. The company was founded in February 2014 by Cassie and Greenie who previously worked together in the finance industry.

Cassie later became Greenie’s first child’s godmother and had organized a baby shower for her. After doing all the research, Cassie realized Hong Kong is in need of a one-stop online registry service platform to cater tech savvy, fast paced and busy Hongkongers. Hence she began to put her thoughts into action; and together with Greenie, mamahen is determined to provide an ultimate gift registry for mothers.

Whether you are hosting a baby shower or not, a registry gives your family and friends an opportunity to help you amass all you’ll need as you are preparing for your baby and to get you through the first year of your new baby’s life.
Don’t be shy about loading up your list from strollers to spoons, bouncy seats to bibs, in fact you will be doing your guests a favor by letting them know what you need and putting their gifts into good use. mamahen also helps you to keep track of what you’ve received. Our online registry allows you to put together items from a variety of stores into one perfect registry.

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