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Based on its vision of a changing world, Maltem's international ecosystem get together complementary high-level expertise to support our client through their digital transformation.Using Agile methodologies and strong interpersonal skills, our teams always strive for efficient delivery, delightful user experience and strong performance results.

To give some background on our activities Maltem Group is an international Consulting company representing more than 1000 consultants worldwide, with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney Brussels, Paris, New York, Montreal, Luxembourg...
To help clients to manage the ever - evolving needs of the business, we provide in Hong Kong highly IT/functional skilled and talented teams, as well as individual consultants for clients complex projects in the fields of banking, finance and insurance.

  • Pascal Mennesson
  • Jean-Luc Clamen
  • Juliette Asseline
    Recruitment Officer
    Hong Kong office Seeking talented digital profiles to join the Maltem adventure!
  • Céleste Lordet
    HR Business Partner
    Hong Kong office