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We connect our users with leading experts to help them arrive at improved decision making and execution.
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Effective knowledge sharing has a significant impact socially and economically. We democratize access to business advice & insights, by providing a platform to help bridge the knowledge gap. Together at LYNK, we bring our motto “Connecting People. Building Knowledge.” to a unique and visionary platform.

LYNK is a trusted community marketplace to connect with a network of Knowledge Partners for expertise and insights to gain on-demand business knowledge and arrive at improved decision-making and execution. Our Knowledge Partners include C-level executives, thought leaders, managers, specialists, consultants, lawyers, and accountants.

Whether users have a quick question or an extended engagement, we can find the right person to help. Users can engage our Knowledge Partners for brief conversations or ongoing projects, either by phone, online or in-person.

We cover global markets with our core strength in the Asia-Pacific region. Global enterprises, top investment and consulting firms, and small businesses and entrepreneurs have chosen to work with LYNK through our platforms LYNK and LYNK PRO.

Join us in redefining how networking is done in an age of hyper-connectivity. The future is now.

We are a curated platform. That means relevant answers to your questions. Every time.

You can trust our experts. Nowadays, anyone with access to the Internet can post their opinions online, irrespective of their qualifications and suitability. On LYNK, you can evaluate whether or not the expert meets your requirements via their listed credentials, as well as through reviews.

And thirdly, time. Thanks to LYNK, you no longer have to plough through page after page of irrelevant information. Instead, you can rely on us to provide you with the right experts for advice, insights, and knowledge.

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