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Lynk powers the new knowledge economy. Our platform unlocks the insights, experience and expertise of experts from around the world, helping people and companies make better informed decisions. Lynk’s customers include Fortune 500 corporates, world’s leading investment houses, global family offices, top professional services firms, governments and other organizations. Lynk’s knowledge graph uses data to understand, map, and organize experts and their knowledge, facilitating timely, intelligent connections. The platform gives enterprises a fast, convenient and cost-effective way to connect with over 840,000 experts worldwide across all major industries. Lynk is a member of World Economic Forum since 2019. Lynk is the best place to seek, build and share credible human expertise to create a knowledge advantage.

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Lynk Answers
Knowledge-as-a-service. Lynk Answers is our data-driven solution that helps your organization seek, find and share answers from credible authorities on any business topic.

Features & Benefits:
Gain Knowledge & Ideas: Search hot topics and relevant experts enabling expert access in your control

Build a Knowledge Bank: Simple project organization and history of all current/past projects

Increase Productivity: Searchable and downloadable audio files and machine-generated transcripts included

Fast Access: Live chatting interface with your dedicated Lynk team

Efficient Management: Interactive dashboard to view to see all projects and consolidated real-time reporting at your fingertips

Compliance & Data Privacy: Best-in-class compliance and privacy standards

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