Connecting great hotels with wanderlusts in Asia
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Have you been struggling with finding the best hotels for your next vacation? We are here to help!

Luxxzy is a young Hong Kong-based online travel agency, with the passion of introducing more amazing top-rated hotels and resorts to travelers in Asia.

Our specialists handpick quality hotels (only the good quality ones) to work with, and to negotiate a better package for our users, not just the rate, but also to come along with some complimentary add-ons!
We and our partners would like to provide the best holistic hospitality experience. We believe, a 5-star hotel stay is never only about a room and a bed to sleep with, but an overall experience that you will remember for your lifetime.

  • Jason Yeung
    Co-founder, Ex-kayak, Ex-chope
  • Stella Wong
    Passionate marketer. Brand builder. A friend of media. Female enterpreneur. With more than 9 years of experience in marketing and communications, ... Read More