The Voice of Precious Individuals

Capturing emotions & opinions through Luxe Observer
to enhance experiences in a co-creation virtuous circle with global Luxury Brands

Luxe Surveyor comprises an exceptional tool to become Phygital:
Luxe Observer | the Voice of Precious Individiduals.
Empowering individuals' voice with similar expectations and building the unique community of aficionados in the small world of luxury,
Where to share experiences, visits, advice, tips,
The exclusive companion for luxury shopping and services, being global and local.
The crossroads of luxe & phygital, a precious voices co creation between global luxury brands and their visitors, clients, and real amabassadors.

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  • Virginie MORIN
    CEO Founder
    Captivated by quality and satisfaction Driven by Excellence, AI and Digital Hyperactive Mum-entrepreneur
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