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LUÜNA naturals 裸月 ( ) is the social impact period care company, led by women. With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, we're making periods better - for our bodies, our planet and those in need.

We found that without knowing it, over 90% of women & girls in the region use plastic period products made with toxic chemicals. These are increasingly proven to be harmful to our health and result in 200,000 tonnes of plastic period waste in landfills every year.

We're changing this through:

- better period products that are healthy, planet-friendly & feel good
- taboo-free content around female health
- the donation of period cups & menstrual education to low-income women and girls across the region

We make healthy and planet-friendly menstrual health products.

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  • Olivia Cotes-James
    Hi, i'm Olivia, founder and CEO of LUÜNA. I've been advocating for sustainable and more open attitudes towards periods for the last 4 years, growin... Read More
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