Luk Advisor

Exploiting Big Data for Disruptive Innovation

Luk Advisor is an award-winning company providing data science/AI consultancy and software development services to clients, including multinational corporations. We also have in-house products ranging from digital marketing tools to educational products in technology.

“Exploiting Big Data for Disruptive Innovation” has always been our value. We aim to add value and bring positive impact to this society by innovation with the help of data science. Join us and make an impact!

Luk Advisor Ltd. focuses on applying artificial intelligence and data science in different areas, such as financial services, FMCG and transportation. We deliver a broad range of solutions to corporates, including but not limited to:

• Artificial Intelligence
(AI with IoT, AI in computer vision, AI in Natural Language Processing)

• Software Engineering
(Software Development, System Design, Cloud Migration)

• Digital
(UI/UX Design, Web Analytics, Digital Marketing)

• Data & Analytics
(Data Warehouse, Data Cleansing, Data Visualization, Statistical Modeling, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics)

• Strategy & Innovation
(Digital Transformation, Innovation Strategy, Growth Hacking)

• Corporate and Individual Tech Training

  • Winson Luk
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Shaun Tsoi
    Co-Founder & Project Director
  • Samson Lam
    Co-Founder & Technical Director
  • Patrick Lam
    Co-Founder & Strategy Director
  • Martin Ng
    Data Analyst
  • Fishball Yu