Lucid Smart Pill

A pill designed to sharpen your focus and increase mental agility.
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Lucid is the brainchild of Co-Founder Aaron who, while caught up in the fast-paced world of startups, searched for ways to improve his concentration and boost his productivity. Along the way he uncovered a number of focus hacks that helped him think on his feet including regular exercise & time management tricks. But his big discovery was the world of cognitive enhancers.
More than a year on, we have developed a new cognitive enhancer which comes in a simple pill. Inside, the carefully selected ingredients for Lucid occur both in nature and synthetically, ensuring a prime formula which has been designed to offer a safe and effective boost for your focus and memory.

Recent advances in wellness and body optimisation is the driving force behind a new era of cognitive enhancing technologies, lifestyle products and supplements, all designed to help you perform better mentally. Our latest product, the Lucid Smart Pill, is the newest evolution of cognitive enhancers designed to help you perform at your peak by boosting brain performance and motivation.

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