We are fashion designers, print & garment manufacturers and stylists offering products and services in-store and online.
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LoveIt was founded on the belief that women of all shapes and sizes can look effortlessly beautiful when they wear styles that balance their shape and features in colors that compliment their skin, hair and eyes.

Our products and services are devoted to improving the confidence of women of all ages and sizes. We believe the world is a much better place when women everywhere have great confidence in their personal appearance - at work, home and play. Our styling services teach women about their shape and how to look slimmer, younger, more professional or simply more stylish - our clients set their own objectives. Our fabrics and garments are designed to promote individuality and effortless beauty for women no matter whether they are XXS or XXL.

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    Catherine Martsch
    Business Owner
    I am blessed with having a career that caters to all of my interests and passions. I left the corporate world after many wonderful years working wi... Read More