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Loopnest’s Blockchain Acceleration Programme equips you with resources & know-how to succeed in today's digital economy
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By accelerating digital asset ventures, Loopnest is dedicated to laying the foundation for the economy’s next digital evolution. Loopnest offers the Blockchain Acceleration Programme that enables entrepreneurs to establish regulatory-friendly businesses in Hong Kong, allowing access to capital flow to-and-from the Greater Bay Area and international markets. The principals of the accelerator are legal, investment and technology professionals that are experienced in establishing businesses in Hong Kong and China. The Loopnest team combines a firm understanding of commercial drivers in the region with a rich history of professional expertise in blockchain protocol, business strategy, IPO listing, venture capital.

Through Loopnest’s Blockchain Acceleration Programme, your company will be equipped with all the resources and know-how to succeed in today’s digital economy. As a part of the end-to-end advisory and close mentorship, the programme will prepare its accleratees for regulatory compliant fundraising and entrance to a rapidly evolving blockchain economy. Member of the Fintech Association Hong Kong, Loopnest is also partnered with Big Four accounting firms, the complete service of which our accelerates will also enjoy. Upon graduating from the programme, acceleratees will become a part of a continually expanding blockchain ecosystem and supportive alumni community.

Loopnest recognizes the blockchain space’s trending movement toward regulated, professional and securitized products and services. As Asia’s top financial hub, Hong Kong has the ideal financial infrastructure on top of which a blockchain ecosystem to thrive. To lay the foundation for the evolution of the digital economy, Loopnest aims to alleviate four major pain points inhibiting the blockchain economy.
* Economic protection for Investors
* Regulatory framework for blockchain businesses
* Fiat-to-crypto channels
* Security, liquidity and transparency in digital asset exchange platforms

  • Terence Lam