Our skills based volunteering platform helps charities and social enterprises take skilled projects off their plates.
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We exist to assist charities and social enterprises to make more impact, by helping them to take skilled projects off their plates. We also exist to offer professionals the opportunity to live a more meaningful life by giving back their skills to causes they care about.

Shortages of professional skills is a critical issue for the social sector. According toThe Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society's Doing Good Index (2018), 74% of charities surveyed report that they have difficulty recruiting skilled staff and 71% of charities report that they have difficulty retaining skilled staff. Skills shortages often hamper the ability of charities and social enterprises to make impact as their frontline staff are often pulled away into other skilled projects.

Our own research suggests that the skills shortages are most acute in the areas of marketing, design and communications.

LocalMotion's skill based volunteering platform, solves this problem by helping charities and social enterprises engaging with professionals that volunteer between 10-30 hours of their time in short term project. Each short term project results in a deliverable that is easy for the social sector organisation to implement.

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    Belinda Poole
    CoFounder and Managing Director
    Belinda is a Director and the CoFounder at LocalMotion managing daily operations. A former lawyer, government worker, corporate advisor and (by som... Read More
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    Sarah Fowler
    CoFounder, Consultant
    Sarah is a Director, CoFounder and Consultant to LocalMotion. Sarah’s background is in marketing and corporate social responsibility and she has wo... Read More