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Localiiz is Hong Kong’s coolest online community. We are both an online business directory for the city’s best SMEs and an innovative and fun lifestyle hub. Our main aim is to give a voice to the ‘little man’ by helping our clients market themselves and bring their stories to the greater Hong Kong community, while helping consumers discover more personal and local solutions in a city as vast (and often impersonal) as ours.

Since launching as the Yellow Pages of the digital generation in April 2012, we’ve quickly expanded into editorial, moving into our current position as one of Hong Kong’s most inventive media groups. We report on key Hong Kong happenings and undiscovered stories, and write local lifestyle guides, opinion pieces, quirky news articles and more.

We’re all about giving people their ’15 minutes of fame’, so we’ve made it our goal to discover Hong Kong’s little-sung talent and give it the attention it deserves.

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    I am the Co-founder of Localiiz. Have been in Hong Kong for 21 years and still loving it.