Litx is the world's first post-trade intelligence and operations platform for crypto traders and asset managers

We believe blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize investment management by driving out inefficiencies originating in decades-old operational practices. Litx helps crypto fund managers succeed by providing the tools needed to run a professional investment organization - tools which have long been critical to traditional financial firms.

We are a team of intellectually curious hackers who relish tough problems and work with advanced technology such as pure functional programming and statistical machine learning.


Cryptocurrencies are fundamentally different from traditional asset classes and demand new operational solutions. Post-trade operations for cryptocurrencies are especially unique, yet to date there is a lack of solutions for this part of the investment process for crypto investment managers. This is the gap that Litx fills.

  • Richard Warfield
    Partner, OTS Capital Management. Fmr. Vice President, Deutsche Bank. MBA, Harvard.