It's easy to lock and unlock your bike with LINKA's smart, secure technology. Lock smarter, not harder!

LINKA is the world’s first mounted smart bike lock that functions keylessly and pairs with your smartphone - so you never have to worry about your bike again.

Founded by Mohamed Mohamed and launched in 2015 through a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign - backed by more than 800 supporters within only four days - LINKA Lock has since been shipped to cyclists in more than 45 countries. The smart lock is designed to be mounted to the bike’s frame and paired with an iOS or Android device through the LINKA App, which locks the bike with the tap of a button and alerts owners of suspicious activity. For more information, visit the LINKA official website at

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    Mohamed Mohamed
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    Dice-K (Daisuke) Enomoto
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    Herman H. Kam
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