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Link. offers fast, scalable, secure, digital portals for financial services businesses to interface with their clients and accelerate the client onboarding process. This allows you to deliver more clients, faster and with higher client satisfaction than ever before. Interactions throughout the account opening phase are crucial in gaining your new clients and keeping them. We allow you to focus on getting your clients onboard as quickly as possible and with the fewest drop-outs, all while having complete visibility over the process and remaining compliant with regulators.

Manual, pen and paper based processes are slowing down the most crucial phase of interacting with your customer and can also introduce compliance risks. Link. provides a turnkey platform that allows you to white-label it with your logo, branding etc. so you can quickly setup an online portal for bringing new customers to your business. Build smart forms, approval workflows, connect with leading AML/CFT/PEP screening providers and see it all happen in real time on your dashboard. We let you go digital, fast. Contact us to find out how.

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