Supply Chain AI for Emerging Asia
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Billions of consumers across Asia-Pacific are served by inefficient distribution models that wastefully fails to deliver the right products at the right time, while consumption power is growing and will recover swiftly post COVID, driving brands and retailers to rebuild recently broken supply chains. Suppliers and retailer SMEs can't get credit, logistics providers don't get forecasts. The problem is growing as demand in Emerging Asia grows, but digitalisation and computing power are rising, as is the power of data science and machine learning technology to obtain actionable insights from the data. The convergence of these topics creates an opportunity for Supply Chain AI, to accumulate a pools of data insights and tools that use data to 'fix' supply chains through continuous optimisation.

We are the only Supply Chain AI company in the world which uses a dynamic view of demand to access capital.
We then take multi-brand insights to create a knowledge graph of the industry (using research rights on metadata, such as product category trends) which powers further insights.
We work with actual funders to act as an origination channel with rich insights into what is actually happening in each supply chain, so they can more easily decide what to fund, the increased competition reduces cost of capital and allows our clients to keep their cash, delivery improved supplier and management (margins) and sales (increased average order value) through the LiberaTrade platform.
This creates a 'fly'wheel effect' where we accumulate more and more data and insights on supply chains in our target markets, positioning LiberaTrade to win the race to become the leading B2B data aggregator in Emerging Asia.

  • Max Ward
    Extensive career in technology and supply chain including roles as head of consumer retail for DHL Asia-Pacific, Founder of OpenPort, head of sales... Read More
  • Wolfgang Lehmacher
    Former head of logistics at world economic forum, CEO international at French Post
  • Bermil Espina
    Head of Engineering
    former CTO @ Traxion
  • Raymond Kwok
    Vp Data Products
    Logistics Data Scientist