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Yomee - Fresh Yogurt Made Easy!

Lecker Labs Limited is developing a fully automatic yogurt maker Yomee to help 20-40 years old and those who are living a healthy lifestyle and looking for fresh healthy yogurt alternatives, to make fresh yogurt at home.

Yomee enables users to make fresh yogurt at home. It’s very simple to use - just add the choice of your milk, insert 100% eco-friendly Yomee pod and cold yogurt is ready in 6 hours.

Yogurt consumers can find the yogurt in supermarket but might have added sugar and other unhealthy ingredients and low live culture count. While making yogurt at home with existing yogurt makers requires lot of work and time.

Yomee provides an option that is both healthy and convenient. We have our unique vegan-friendly Yomee pods for making vegan yogurt with coconut, almond and soy milk; while these pods also come up with an array of flavors to enhance the whole experience of trying yogurt. The Yomee App also allows users to customize the thickness and texture of yogurt by choosing the type of yogurt including Greek, plain and stirred yogurt.

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    Founder & CEO
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    VP, Sales & Partnerships
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    Chief Scientist
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    Financial Controller
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