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LeapXpert – compliant and secure omnichannel b2c communication to messengers platform. Company owns all the data.
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We are making the invisible, visible. LeapXpert was established to address a large gap when it comes to the way regulated companies are communicating with their clients.
We are addressing the B2C communication needs of multiple regulated/self-regulated companies, starting with financial institutions and law firms, expanding to insurance, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, airlines and tourism, governments and more.

Different countries have different regulations for financial institutions, but there is a common theme across all of them, one that dictates that all communication between banks and the clients must be monitored and recorded.
Regulation aside, the reality is totally different. Company employees are using their personal Wechat and WhatsApp applications to communicate with clients, and it’s happening in almost all the banks. The reason for that is simple, clients are dictating the tools they want to use, and the employees have no choice but to tag along, since employees want the business. There are two fundamental problems with this approach: No compliance controls, No data ownership, and in case of compliance probes, many people losing their jobs and banks are paying huge fines.
Is there a way to bridge that gap, allowing clients to keep using messengers they love, while still remaining compliant and owning the data?
In LeapXpert we have created a platform that finally allows company employees to communicate with their clients on their own terms. Clients can use any messaging platform of their choice, while company employees are using our tools. We connect all the parties, ensuring rich communication and enabling many of industry relevant use cases.
No more missing data in case of compliance probe. No more data loss when employees leave the company. All communication channels are recorded and data remains safe and secure with the company, no matter what.

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  • Dima gutzeit picture may 2019
    Dima Gutzeit
    Founder and CEO
    20 years of experience building planet scale communication platforms. Created a large CPaaS platform, as part of Hong Kong based Communication Prov... Read More
  • Avi pardo picture may 2019
    Avi Pardo
    Founder and COO
    20+ years of business experience in networking, communication and UC/Collaboration markets (Ex VocalTec, Kagoor Networks, ACME Packet, AudioCodes)... Read More
  • Nicolas Berthet
    Head of Engineering
    20+ years in building technology platforms for multiple companies across Europe and Asia. Natural leader and technologist, involved in many emergin... Read More
  • Gal Gutzeit
    Head of Marketing
    20+ years of leading multilevel marketing, operations and logistic processes in complex organizations; developed and led development of various int... Read More
  • Daniel Campbell
    Chief Product Officer
    GM & head of product of MySQUAR (a social media) that scaled to over 8 million users and went public in London’s AIM exchange in 2016, Finalist... Read More