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starting date : 2019-02-18

Le Wagon (China) might be able to provide a visa.





You are the Lead Teacher and you have one of the most important roles at Le Wagon: delivering a transformative educational experience to each and every student. You are part of a mission to cultivate the next generation of tech workers and entrepreneurs. You are teaching best practices in foundational coding, software development, product development and project management throughout our 9-week intensive coding bootcamp. Your job is tough and exhausting at times, yet dynamic and rewarding. You get to be a teacher, a project manager, a cheerleader, a community-builder, and a role model, all at once. You’re up to date on the latest trends in web technology and you’ve got a pulse on the city’s startup ecosystem. Ultimately you are relentless in your mission to provide the best coding education experience in China across multiple cities.

您是主导教师,您在Le Wagon中扮演着最重要的角色之一:为每一位学生提供变革性的教育体验。您是培养下一代技术人员和企业家的使命的一部分。在我们为期9周的密集编码训练营中,您将会教授基础编码知识,软件开发,产品开发和项目管理方面的最佳实践。有些时候你的工作会很艰难很累,但同时充满活力和极有意义和价值的。你将不仅只是一名讲师,更是项目经理,啦啦队员,社区建设者和榜样。您可以了解最新的网站开发的技术趋势,并了解该城市的创业生态系统。最终,您将不遗余力地在中国各个城市提供最佳的编码教育体验。


YOUR Profile



  • You have 2+ years experience in fullstack Ruby on Rails

  • You are proficient in JavaScript and at least one JS framework

  • You have a lean approach and like to code meaningful MVPs

  • You are used to working with startups

  • You may or may not have prior teaching experience; this isn’t as important as your desire to learn how to deliver content to a class in an effective and engaging way

  • You understand what it’s like to be a beginning developer, and you also understand what professional standards students must meet in order to be employable as a junior developer

  • You are attentive to new learners, going out of your way to ensure that each student understands the content

  • You are invested in each students’ personal success

  • You have a good level of oral English

  • You love clean code and refacto without being an extremist of TDD.

  • You are not reluctant to front-end development and design and you are up-to-date in frontend development. You think great products also come with great design. You are a master of Bootstrap and know how to use it effectively

  • You are familiar with Sublime Text, Github, Slack, Trello, Aliyun, and WeChat 小程序; or you can learn these quickly

  • 您是一名全栈开发师,有2年以上的Ruby on Rails开发经验

  • 您精通JavaScript和至少一个JS框架

  • 您的英语口语水平很高

  • 您采用精益的方法,喜欢编写有意义的最简可行产品

  • 您熟悉和习惯初创公司的工作节奏

  • 相比于您的教学经验, 我们更看重您是否拥有乐于施教的精神以及快速学习如何以有效和引人入胜的方式教学的能力

  • 您能够了解及体会编程初学者的感受,清楚学生必须满足哪些专业标准才能成为初级开发人员

  • 您会关注新学员,不遗余力地确保每个学生都能理解上课学习的内容

  • 您投入到每个学生的个人成功中

  • 您喜欢干净的代码和重构,而不是编程极端主义者(extremist of Test Driven Development)。

  • 您喜欢前端开发和设计,了解前端开发的最新信息。 您赞同伟大的产品也有很棒的设计

  • 您是Bootstrap的高手,知道如何有效地使用它

  • 您熟悉Sublime Text,Github,Slack,Trello,阿里云和微信小程序; 或者你可以快速学习这些软件应用




Before a batch begins每期新的编程培训营开始之前

  1. Review our curriculum in detail, especially any new changes from HQ

  2. Prepare and deliver at least 2 workshops per month, on topics such as:

    1. Code a landing page in 2 hours

    2. JavaScript/Ruby/APIs for beginners

    3. Technical workflow in startups

    4. PS – We provide the content and materials (slides, videos) to help you prepare and deliver these workshops

  3. Work with the Bootcamp Manager to improve and develop upon the student feedback and reporting system (Kitt platform and Trello board)

  4. Work with the Bootcamp Manager to develop and improve daily and weekly procedures

  1. 详细检查我们的课程,尤其是总部的任何新变化

  2. 每月至少准备2个研讨会(我们提供内容和材料(幻灯片,视频),以帮助您准备和提供这些研讨会), 主题包括:


b.适用于初学者的JavaScript / Ruby / API


   3. 与编程培训营经理合作改进和开发学生反馈和报告系统(Kitt平台和Trello板)

   4. 与编程培训营经理合作开发和改进每日和每周工作流程

During a batch 编程培训营期间

  1. Be 100% focused on the student experience and class quality; everything else is secondary. Your goal is a Net Promoter Score > 70, for every batch

  2. 3-5 days a week you will teach programming and web development to a class of entrepreneurs learning Ruby, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Rails, and WeChat Mini-programs; the other days you will be supporting other teachers, and/or improving our curriculum and procedures

  3. From 9-10:30am you will deliver a lecture on various topics. We will give you the slides, videos, and challenges to prepare

  4. From 10:30 – 5:30pm daily you will help students on their coding challenges, evaluate their progress, help the weaker students, and push the stronger students

  5. From 5:30pm to 7pm: You will facilitate students as they do a live-code in front of the class

  6. You will update student progress daily

  7. You will conduct weekly 1:1s with the bootcamp manager to review student progress, and conduct individual student meetings as necessary

  8. During the final 3 projects weeks, you will lead the team of mentors to oversee final project development and delivery

  1. 100%专注于学生体验和课堂质量;其他一切都是次要的。您的目标是每批次的净推荐分数高于 70。

  2. 每周工作3-5天,您将向一群学习Ruby,HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Rails和微信小程序的企业家们教授编程和网页开发;其他时间您将支持其他教师,改进我们的课程和流程。

  3. 每天早上9-10:30,您将教授学生们各种主题的编程课程。在您授课之前,我们将为您准备好幻灯片,视频和每日的编码挑战项目供您备课。

  4. 每天早上10:30 到下午 5:30,您将帮助学生应对编码挑战,评估他们的进步,帮助弱势学生,并帮助基础好的学生更快学习。

  5. 从下午5:30到晚上7点:您将帮助学生在所有的同学面前进行实时代码的编写

  6. 您将每天更新学生进度

  7. 您将与训练营经理进行每周一对一的会议,反馈学生的进度,并根据需要与个别学生进行谈话

  8. 在每个培训营的最后3周内(项目周),您将带领导师团队监督学生最终的项目开发和交付

After a batch 编程培训营期间之后

  1. Debrief with Driver and teachers

  2. Follow up with students to ensure they are on track to achieve their intended goals

  3. Make improvements to the curriculum and experience based on debrief and student feedback

  4. Create new tutorials/teaching resources for the community

  5. Maintaining some of the local applications (demo server or wechat stack)

  6. Localize the platform

  7. Contribute to write technical white papers

  1. 向Le Wagon的城市经理和导师们做总结汇报

  2. 跟进学生,确保他们按计划实现预期目标

  3. 根据汇报和学生反馈改进课程和经验

  4. 为社区创建新的教程/教学资源

  5. 维护一些本地应用程序(演示服务器或微信堆栈)

  6. 平台本地化

  7. 参与技术白皮书的撰写


Salary range / month :  Negotiable

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Flexible location

Created on: 2019/01/14

This job has expired.

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