Le Petit Croissant

Le Petit Croissant offers wonderful french breakfast delivery service and catering.

Le Petit Croissant was founded by Laura, a French passionate baker who loved cooking her home country delicacies.

Le Petit Croissant is all about making a wholesome breakfast accessible, whether you're having an early office meeting or just enjoying quality time with friends and family for breakfast at home.

We work with local artisan producers both in France and in Hong Kong to deliver tasty products. The greatness of our products will transport you to France and make you enjoy your breakfast more than ever!

We are a corporate breakfast delivery service and catering. All the pastries are extremely fresh and delicious.
We make a lot more items: Croissant, pain au chocolat, apple chausson, sandwiches, juices, muffins, yogurts, bite size items, coffee pots...

Our Values are timely deliveries, great products and an amazing customer support
​We know the headaches that can arise when you try to plan your food for a meeting. With us, you never have to worry again about food delay, presentation or order confirmation.

If you order at the office, we deliver 5 minutes before the desired delivery time. It means that we have a few spare minutes to chat with you and help you set up the breakfast.
We also call you when we are just a few minutes away from our destination.

Customers ordering at home are also very well taken care of and often receive little surprises. Try and see. You could get a surprise!

  • Laura Dagoneau Landry