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Discover the most magical, hidden and amazing corners of the world with Lazysuitcase!
For someone planning his first trip or an avid traveler, planning is about collecting information from everywhere: books, websites, friends, agents, guide books, travel shows, blogs, forums and more; and then to make sense of it all ... Phew!! that sure is a tough grind.. and not really fun!
This is where lazysuitcase comes to your rescue. It’s incredibly intuitive, lightning fast, and highly engaging. We gather data from the best in their respective fields and the most accurate sources, transform it , work on it and then in a blink on an eye your handcrafted trip is ready!.The final itinerary is detailed yet simple to follow. With covering the best places to visit, to hidden gems of a destination, the itinerary covers all. You can also create your own itineraries, print and share it with friends, book your hotels, flights and tours OR for the ones who prefer to relax; explore travel packages.
We have just one aim: Not just make your vacation exciting.. but even do the "Lazy" Planning for you!!

We created Lazysuitcase out of a need we felt while planning a trip. Working around all the travel logistics of a foreign land can become a nightmare! And how making small mistakes can turn a much awaited vacation horrid. This is why we take great care to ensure that Lazysuitcase is up to date, accurate and can provide you the key information for a place.
Lazysuitcase is built so that everyone can experience the joys of a perfect trip! Go Ahead and Get Started!!

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  • Dipti1
    Dipti Narang
    Director & Founder
    A Sloth by nature who enjoys surprises, my passion for travel matches that of my busy banker husband. So planning a trip for us often meant that I ... Read More
  • Ekta2
    Ekta Tejwani
    Director & Founder
    My Love for exploring places found so much resonance with my partner, that we decided to travel every few months to a new destination. During these... Read More