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OutsideHeaven is ISP, focused on providing a full range of enterprise solutions.
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The three confusions of Data centers, ISP and enterprises?

In general,the problems of many data centers, ISP and enterprises network can be divided into the following three aspects.

1.The low speed of application network access, the servers are often down.

2.The every time enhance of business volume will lead to the high cost of investment of upgrading the hardware,no matter how excellent equipment performance that can not meet the current traffic trends.

3.The problem of the network faced can’t becompletely solved,eg:single points of failure,the server resources are notenough and so on.

In these problems continuely to plague the majority of the development of Internet users, the Internet industry is increasingly competitive, while the problems.are continuously come out.With the mission of "meet our personal and business users a full range of needs", follow the purpose of "make the network more freely",OutsideHeaven will provide you the safest, the most perfect network solution.

Company Culture

Our Purpose:Make the network more freely

Our Core Values:The innovative, high efficient and the free

Our mission:Meet our personal and business users a full range of needs

Our Team:A young elite team with firmness and flexibility, and challenging ourselves

Our Status: Pending at any time you visit,readying to serve you.

OutsideHeaven was established in June 2008,In the past three years of exploration,OutsideHeaven accumulated valuable experience and resources between the communication of Europe and China.As a very young company, we hope a group of young people who carry entrepreneurial dreams like us will be joining our team.Our corporate culture is very open, and we have our own unique and profound view toward the marking of Europe and China,also we are expert at learning how to discover market opportunities.Nowadays, China is relatively isolated to Europe,our cross-border operations and young teams will provide greater valuefor world community.Acrossing the barriers of culture and language,products and resources can trade more conveniently between Europe and China.We welcome the new Ideas,we are willing to try high-risk and high-return projects,We hope our staffs will grow with us, along with OutsideHeaven’s development.

As the need of business expansion,Hangzhou branch office was founded in june 2010.With the increasing volume of business, the new business opportunities we explored and discovered need more young people to join in.We welcome the young people with high efficiency, having innovative andenterprising spirit, good at learning to join us.We will help the staffs gain an international perspective, plan their career development, and help the staffs grow with our company!

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