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At LARDER we are passionate about sustainable, healthy and natural F&B products. Originally from the UK, but now living in Hong Kong, I travel back and forth with the intention of showcasing great brands to new markets, but also identifying gaps to create completely new products. As examples, I am currently discussing representation with brands in the food upcycling, low/non-alcoholic beverage and alternative protein segments.

The old rules of Consumer Packaged Goods don’t work with Gen Y and Gen Z shoppers. They are looking for authentic brands that fit with their lifestyles – which is not something they see from the brands of their parents’ generation. Some of the trends are:

- What is the story behind the brand and its founders? (people relate to people)
- Natural ingredients with transparent labelling
- Products that deliver health or ecological benefits in addition to taste. E.g. alternative protein sources
- Nutrient rich convenience foods E.g. Soylent
- Online ordering and less reliance on bricks and mortar

A lot of product and brand innovation is happing in the West, but taking years to reach the East.

Larder will identify gaps and trends in the F&B market. Should a great product already exist in one market, a distribution agreement will be sought to transport it to another market. Should the product not exist, it will be created and distributed.

  • Fahd Gondal
    Founder & CEO
    Fahd read Mathematics with Management at Imperial College London, before starting his investment banking career; where he sold leveraged credit for... Read More