Language Services International (PET) Ltd.

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The company aims to provide students and parents from Hong Kong, Macau & China with a well-established network of quality institutions in order to help achieve their goals and targets. Our experienced Education Consultants will provide comprehensive information and advice on the various different types of education systems available, as well as explaining the application process and student requirements. Our advice is based on our comprehensive proficiency test, which we use to evaluate our students, along with their academic results and, qualifications in order to ensure they meet the entry requirements of the chosen school. All students receive the highest quality advice on study opportunities.

LSI (PET) runs many services related to Education. Looking for people interested in the field of education and using technology to keep parents up-to-date on our products and services.

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    Patrick Siu
    Education Consultant
    'Giving parents a peace of mind' 'LSI is really fun, learning English can be done!'