Digital empowering women
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Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

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Mission: empower women through mobile solutions

- Reliability: excellent service, efficient technology, accurate and fresh content
- Human touch: designed by a woman, carefully selected and woman-related content, responsiveness on social media
- Simplicity: intuitive and efficient user experience
- Openmindness: integration with existing social media, taking into account user feedbacks

LadyPlans is a personal organizer app dedicated to women.
It empowers us to anticipate and plan our priorities from daily tasks to life-changing events. This IOS app enables us to manage our time more effectively, storing our organization-related knowledge in an intuitive app. The app is centered on us as an individual and allows us to manage the different parts of our life (personal, work, children, love, home...).

The app offers 4 integrated services: Calendar, Event Maker, Planner and Checklist:
- A calendar that can be sync with iCloud, Google cal and Outlook exchange
- 5 themed Event-Makers to quickly add events into the calendar through ready-made lists of events
- 20 Planners to plan events requiring preparation based on an intuitive backward approach (for example, the Birthday Planner helps you schedule all the preparatory tasks such as 'make the guest list', 'buy invitation card', 'order birthday cake',...)
- +25 Checklists to track items (for example, the Birthday checklist helps you track everything that needs to be bought for the birthday such as stationery, food, decoration...)

LadyPlans website also aims at empowering women by recommending apps and websites that make their life easier.

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  • Julie
    Co-founder and director
    As a working mom of 2 young boys, most of the time I’m struggling to fit all I have to do in one day. While I can easily plan things on a high leve... Read More
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