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It was 'black Friday' and there was great offering on the sofa I wish I had for so long... Although everyone told me that bringing such big items is not economical I decided to check this out this time. What I realized that it is not possible to get on the spot

Although eCommerce volume is continuously growing, it is still impossible in most cases to export or import large or bulky items (such as furniture, mattresses, sporting goods etc.) as air freight costs are too high and it is very difficult to identify what will be all the needed taxes and duties that due to be paid.
In addition small and medium businesses wish to take advantage of the global trading opportunities but are obligated to pay too much for agents / forwarders to be able to send or bring goods from other countries where in many cases there are 'hidden' costs and delayed replies as most quoting is done by human labor.
We are the only company that offer cloud base software solution for real-time and hassle free cross borders shipment, quotes and delivery of big or bulky items (B2C) or consolidate / seldom shipment for SME businesses (B2B)

  • Hagar Rips
    Sold her 1st company at the age of 25. With 14 years in technology companies 6 years VP in e-commerce/SaaS companies Former Israel Defense Force of... Read More
  • Guy Levi
    With 20 years in leading R&D teams at tech companies. B.Sc. - computer-science & mathematics 5 granted patents to date
  • Itamar Berchman
    VP Business Development
    With 18 years of BD & sales in startups and global companies Former Pilot at the Israeli Air Force MBA Cum Laude - Technion