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To reshape the labor landscape by creating a new way of sourcing immediate help
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LaborMe is the brainchild of two long-time friends and serial entrepreneurs who, like many of us, were frustrated by the lack of immediate labor in the market.

The goal is to reshape the labor landscape; filling labor shortage gaps by breaking traditional methods of how services are being obtained and provided. In order to achieve that, LaborMe has created an innovative peer-to-peer mobile platform that connects people who have tasks or errands to complete with those around them.

At the same time, it also offers those who are in need of opportunities a tool to earn extra income and empowers anyone to be their own boss. With our application, we want you to get anything done by just about anyone out there, whenever you need it.

Our team is young, ambitious and driven towards achieving our vision of establishing a global presence with our product. We place strong emphasis on team dynamics, embracing a cohesive work culture which we truly believe will be integral to our success.

  • Vincent cheong
    Vincent Cheong
    Co-Founder / CEO
  • Vincent ong
    Vincent Ong
    Co-Founder / CTO
  • Spencer
    Spencer Tuppani