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Custom-Made Shoes
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Passionate about Handcrafts, Alice Sachot is a self-taught maker and experimenter. She has been making clothes since her mother introduced her to sewing and knitting when she was 7-years-old. Later on she fell in love with leather crafts and learnt handmaking shoes ; which lead her into launching 'La French Cut custom-made shoes' when she arrived in Hong Kong, one of the few places where shoes are still Handmade.

At La French Cut we believe in “Slow Fashion” : We want to go back to the essence of “Couture” when pieces were made to match the customer’s specificities instead of producing standardized items. We take time for crafting each piece according to the customer's materials and designs selection.
Our goal is to create shoes that at both Beautiful and Comfortable.

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  • Alice Sachot
    Founder & Designer