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I am a product nerd. I love and live to solve problems and create new opportunities and user experiences. I design at the intersection of what is desirable, what is profitable, and what is possible.

I believe that good design requires rigorous research, collaborative conceptualization, experimental iteration, and superb execution. Good design should solve problems, tell stories, empower people, and drive revenue growth.

I believe the practical should also be beautiful. Form and function go hand in hand, and good design delivers what is necessary, but with elegance and nuance. Good design respects and adapts to cultural contexts.

My mission is to design things that matter and contribute something new and useful to the world.

With almost two decades of professional design and product development experience, I offer a full range of services to help your company create remarkable products with a focus on value creation and resource efficiency.

Based in Hong Kong, close to the heart of China's industrial epicenter, but with a deep understanding of global and Western consumer markets and tastes, I'm able to offer both an Eastern and Western creative and strategic perspective.

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