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Kristal.Ai aims to create an online platform with the objective of "democratizing investments" and using technology to deliver asset management solutions that are safe, accessible, transparent and under client’s control. The key focus area being application of intelligent algorithms, machine learning and cloud technologies in asset and wealth management space.

Kristal.Ai is a multi-country licensed (SFC, MAS, SEBI) online Asset Management platform. Investors can leverage an Artificial Intelligence based recommendation system that conducts automated and regular portfolio advisory and allocation based on a consolidated view of their savings. We service the entire spectrum of customers - from mass affluent clients who are do not get service that they want today from private banks to sophisticated funds and family wealth offices.
Kristals are portfolios made of exchange traded assets like stocks/bonds/ETFs and are carefully designed to make them suitable for investors. Each Kristal is rated and ranked based on criteria used to evaluate Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds. We showcase curated and validated investment strategies from independent (& in-house) traders to all potential investors on our platform.

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  • Asheesh Chanda
    CEO/ Founder
    Asheesh has worked for the over 10 years in a variety of leadership roles in leading banks/funds in Singapore and HK. He is also the founder of O2O... Read More
  • Vivek Mohindra
    CIO/ Co-Founder
    Vivek has over 20 years of experience in banking, most of it as a fixed income trader/ specialist in Asia managing between USD 200 to 500 million o... Read More