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KRISTAL ADVISORS (HK) LTD (Kristal) is a HK incorporated company licensed by the SFC to carry out Type 4 (‘Advising on Securities’) and Type 9 (‘Asset Management’) regulated activities (CE No. BHZ135). It has been founded by its two Responsible Officers, Asheesh Chanda (CE No. BHZ 138) and Vivek Mohindra (CE No. ANA721).

Asheesh has worked for the over 10 years in a variety of leadership roles in leading banks/funds in Singapore and HK. He is also the founder of O2O Technologies Pte Ltd. that is responsible for delivering the technological innovations on which Kristal is based.

Access Investment strategies like never before.

Kristal powered by O2O is a AI powered online asset management platform.


Be the next "Investment Idol". Showcase your money management skills and be discovered and appreciated globally. Sponsor your investment strategies as "Kristals" and earn based on their performance.


Get access to talented pool of traders and their Kristals. Leverage our recommendation engine to choose Kristals that match your investing style and objectives.

Tag your investments to these Kristals to participate in outperforming returns.

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