Live streaming platform focused on education - Twitch for education in short
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Talking to learners of different ages, we realized that the reason why there isn’t a leading online education platform today is that videos all over the internet lack engagement. Learners get distracted or lost motivation along the journey. Launched again soon in 2020 January, Kosmic is building a live-streaming platform focusing on education determined to facilitate the distribution of engaging if not addictive educational videos, starting with high-school students in Hong Kong.

Reach out to us at talents@kosmic.io if you'd like to be involved any way you can imagine!

Kosmic.io is a learner-focused live-streaming platform launched in 2020 January where you can find channels from influencers, students or teachers distributing educational content on every subject – from mathematics to history and everything in between, much like Twitch did towards gaming content. In the platform, you will find learner-focused features such as “Serious Learning” section, where users can find a whole curriculum of lessons in the form of short videos so users who are willing to sit through hours of short videos to finish a curriculum can do so. We have more learner-focused features in the pipeline such as Q&A feature between streamer and audience so that the questions don’t get lost in the chat box, and academy initiative to help streamers with potential to better distribute and brand educational content in a live-streaming format. Our vision is to build a platform with learner-focused features to facilitate the distribution of engaging educational content with cutting-edge technologies.

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