Kognitiv is a trading environment where buyers, or groups of buyers, can directly connect with suppliers
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Kognitiv is a unique business model that lets consumers brands connect directly with travel suppliers and value-added intermediaries to create more personalized experiences and more engaged customers. The direct connection is a critical differentiator because it reduces the inefficient, cumbersome and expensive trading relationships that exist in the market today.

Kognitiv provides immediate access to an enhanced search-to-book experience, superior search performance and a team of travel experts.

With Kognitiv, buyers and suppliers create a more efficient trading relationship, allowing both parties to craft personalized experiences that deepens customer engagement and assists in building loyalty, retention, and new revenue streams.

The Internet promised a new era of collaboration and commerce.

An era where buyers could connect directly with suppliers to co-create unique and valuable experiences for their customers. An era where the intermediaries who added value to buyers or suppliers could actually thrive.

That open, direct and transparent connection has not happened. The ability to deepen customer loyalty and drive brand growth hasn’t happened.

We intend to change that. That change is called Kognitiv.