Knowru Limited

Providing B2B software products that adopts AI and ML for increased productivity

I used to be a data scientist in a large FinTech company in the states but got frustrated that my machine learning model could not be deployed because I was using Python and developers were using another language. In 2016, I developed a platform that automatically creates APIs for any machine learning models in Python and R and that's how the company started.

At this moment, we successfully raised a reasonably big size of capital, have a world-wide portfolio of clients and started launching new products. While interacting with clients mostly in FinTech, we found that many of their processes can be optimized and improved using AI and ML and therefore started providing software solutions that are based on or using AI and ML that improve their productivity significantly.

We currently offer 3 products: Knowru the ML deployment platform (, AI Interview the online interview tool ( and another product in beta.

Knowru solves the issue that data scientists and developers use different programming languages and consequently deploying machine learning models take too long time if not impossible. It solves this issue by creating APIs for machine learning models automatically.

AI Interview solves 2 issues. One is that on-site interview takes too long time and much cost to schedule and conduct. The other is that evaluating coders like data scientists is not that easy, requiring data scientists' participation. It provides on-line environments where recruiters set pre-defined questions and candidates video-answer and write code.

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