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We are a French IT Consulting firm, present in 6 countries, 7 cities, specialized in hiring and deploying IT professionals on digital projects at our clients (banking, insurance, retail, oil and gas, transportation, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, etc)!

We are constantly looking for data scientists, developers, project managers, AI specialists and more!

If you like working on projects from one industry to another, from small boutiques to large MNC, contact us!
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Digital transformation is at the heart of every sensible company. Yet talents are scarce.
We provide flexible and high-caliber individuals to work hand in hand with our clients' to deliver their IT projects.
We constantly nurture a pool of talents to meet our clients' urgent needs in staff augmentation.

If you have a project and lack the skills internally and urgently, we have a consultant for you!

  • Clement tran
    Clément TRAN
    Hong Kong Business Manager
    - Polyglot (French, Cantonese, Mandarin, English) - Co-founder of SoInSoGood (coolest social and green startup community) - Member of Directors of ... Read More