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We developed the Egulen POS platform - the cloud based iPad POS applications for restaurants, stores, coffee shops, sal
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The cloud POS system allows business owners cut the upfront cost of POS systems by thousands of dollars, decrease transaction time and increase revenue, and monitor their business from anywhere. Further- more, some cloud-based POS systems can be used as marketing device, provide analysis of business and financial reports.
Our mission is to introduce the cloud-based POS system, discuss its benefits as well as risks, and recommend features of an ideal cloud-based POS system. By understanding the characteristics of cloud- based POS systems, a business owner can make an educated decision when choosing a POS system that meets his needs.

Kaizen Mongolia LLC was founded in 2008 and it has been developing mobile applications since 2011. We are one of the top app developers in Mongolia, and we created the most popular app in the country - Mazaalai (Available on the Appstore). Fur- thermore, we have experience in collaborating with government agencies, and we were the first to work closely with Mongolian pop stars to create entertainment Apps.

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    I started Kaizen Mongolia LLC in 2008 to pursue my passion for bringing advanced technology into people's everyday use. Our team created eco-friend... Read More