Inspire, Engage Connect and Most of All Have Fun! Let JrMagellan and your child be your guide in travel.
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JrMagellan Inspires families to rekindle the spirit of exploration and discovery in their travels around the world by facilitating the planning process, engaging and educating children, and increasing the overall enjoyment of the whole family.

We believe family travel helps families engage with one another, the culture they are visiting and we hope JrMagellan's social boards will help them engage with other like minded families.

Itinerary app with tightly integrated Edutainment Apps for urban family travel. JrMagellan will take families through destinations in a totally new way, rather than see your child's screen as a hindrance use it to help the family learn and engage in your destination.

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    Lizzie Livingston
    Inspire, Engage, Connect & Most of All Have Fun! JrMagellan is an online travel community and edutainment platform dedicated to helping famili... Read More
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    Lizzie Livingston
    I am the founder of JrMagellan. I have always loved to travel and wanted to pass that love on to my children and my friends JrMagellan. I developed... Read More
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