Joy Business Academy

Innovative Ed Platform building Tomorrows Skills - Today for Industry and Employment

Building Tomorrows Skills - Today - Unleashing Potential & Bridging the Skills Gap!

- Asia’s emerging economies face severe skills shortage, as in comparison to advanced economies
- Emerging economies face a severe lack of supply of skilled labour in the near and medium term due to less-than-adequate skills-based education and changing workforce demographics despite the availability of large working-age populations
- Skilled labour is in high demand across Asia but workforce preparedness varies
JBA Solution:
In response to these challenges we developed JBA as a Consumer-focused education platform that focus' on the development of character capital/soft skills for 21st century workforce needs:
- focus on skills that increase employability - across the life long learning spectrum
- unique links to Industry, delivering opportunities for individuals to up-skill and progress their career
- enables cost effective 'white label' Industry platforms that provide their employees with valuable skills training linked to internal career progression
- customized immersive courses that deliver on brand and future work force needs

  • James Coddington
    CEO - Global
  • Jacqui Dillon
    CE - JBA Asia
    acqui holds a first class Masters in both Health Science - Psychotherapy (University of Waikato), and Buddhist Studies (University of Hong Kong). A... Read More