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JETCO'S open API exchange platform, APIX, will greatly facilitate the growth of HK’s API economy. With aggressive timelines to meet, local financial institutions keep moving fast to take advantage of open API initiatives and stay relevant in a changing competitive landscape. With APIX, HK’s banking sector could fully adopt the strategy of open APIs to ensure it can unlock potential and competitiveness in the region. Collaboration between third-party fintech and traditional banks will foster innovation, and open API standards should accelerate HK’s progress.

JETCO launched APIX in Jan 2019 which is the first open API exchange platform in HK supporting cross-industry operation. APIX aims to provide easy and seamless connectivity for businesses across industries via APIs on a highly secure platform for businesses to collaborate, create new services and reach new customers. Currently, the platform provides over 270 APIs from 13 banks. APIX helps companies to connect to the bank’s APIs so that consumers can enjoy one-stop service and better user experience (UX).

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  • Angus Choi
  • Edward Ho
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