A mobile app platform where anyone can join and host activities

Our mission is to connect everyone through activities.

Conceptually, we are the Uber for activities. Essentially, we are a social network for activities utilising shared economy concepts.

We want to realise our vision where anyone can find or do cool things and cool activities either right now or later in the future. We believe that people naturally want to socialise with other people and that the best way to do so is through common experiences and common activities.

In the future, we want to be the platform for all things to do globally. Imagine if you have a Joinful account, and you can find activities to do in any city you go to to do local activities or to meet local people.

We believe that Joinful can be an extremely powerful platform that can add an 'oomph' to society, just as other shared economy platforms have done.

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As part of our Joinful community, all users are called Joiners, and all users signed up to be hosts are called Hosts.

By using Joinful, joiners can find cool things to do right now or in the future, meet new people with similar interests, have a more effective platform managing activities amongst friends' groups, can see what activities their friends are doing to see if they want to do the same thing, do local things in their hometown or in other countries, and can practice their social skills.

By using Joinful, hosts can earn income at their own convenience and can host whatever activities they want, find people who want to do similar activities, find people to fill up missing players (ie. finding people for a 5v5 basketball game), meeting new people, seeing if anybody is available right now or in the future to do the activity you want to do, and share your knowledge or resources (ie. sharing your passion for local authentic foods in your city).

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  • Ryan Lee
    Marketing and Sales, Legal, HR. I also host exclusive, secret parties, produce music, and invest in stocks.
  • Alan Chan
    Finance, Admin.
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