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Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

Building a Global Leader in niche market of Portable Air Cooling.

15-20% of the people worldwide have Room Air Conditioning for "indoor". We have an energy-efficient, natural cooling solution for them for "outdoor" and a cost-effective, energy-efficient, healthy solution for the remaining 80%!

Our HK-based subsidiary AIRTEK is recognized globally for designing-developing-manufacturing World's best Evaporative Air Coolers (EACs).

The Science behind EACs is Simple: On a hot summer day, you feel cool standing next to a lake. Water in the lake takes heat out of the air, and evaporates, leaving behind cooled air. Our team converts the Science to Engineering, designing compact, cost-efficient, high-performing products.

Global Warming is a major challenge ahead for the Earth, and will keep our team busy inventing new technologies and engineering new products. Come join us on this exciting journey to make the Earth a better place to live!

Energy-Efficient, Environmentally-Friendly Air Cooling... for everyone.

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  • Naresh Kumra
    Group MD & CEO