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Global regulated investment and issuance platform for digital securities on blockchain
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iVE.ONE from Agora Innovation, a German Fin- / RegTech company targeting B2B, is the result of consulting activities in the field of digital securities on blockchain where the founders already faced regulatory and legal challenges in the cryptocurrency economy sector in 2017.

Product Innovation was driven fast and consistently into a more unregulated infrastructure and the root of the problem was ignored due to the past of the usage of blockchain. The founders recognized early that dealing with digital assets in the form of securities is subject to regulation and compliance. The founders deepened the subject of regulation and compliance in combination with blockchain, asset-backed token and digital securities in the context of hundreds of hours with lawyers and regulators.

Out of their experience and knowledge of blockchain, legal and compliance, the founders decided to build their own user-friendly centric solution for digital assets issuance and investments with the brand iVE.ONE to provide "Better Digital Assets for Everyone".

The platform iVE.ONE is backed by key players in the blockchain industry such as FinLab EOS VC (backed by EOS VC from block.one) and the High-Tech Gründerfonds.

iVE.ONE is leveraging the blockchain technology in a global "one-stop-platform" for regulated issuance and investment of all financial instruments through tokenization. The platform is under the roof of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

The result is a user-friendly platform that combines global regulation, compliance, and technology for digital securities on the blockchain. Companies can transform their illiquid assets through tokenization into digital securities on the blockchain without technical background and gain access to the global capital market. Investors or institutional investors are onboarding in a simple and banking-grade way (KYC & KYB) with access to their own digital depot. It is as easy as online banking without the need of blockchain know-how.

The platform iVE.ONE is bridging the gap between digital assets on blockchain and investors in a regulated environment worldwide.

iVE.ONE is:

- Simple: Access to issuance and investment of digital securities only with normal online banking knowledge
- Secure: Build after European compliance and regulation in regards to GDPR
- Regulated: the platform is globally compliant and adapts in real-time legal requirements for securities

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    Phong Dao
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