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Who we are:
We have founded IRYNE early 2020, as a branded marketplace and social-commerce platform for specialised artisanal makers, emerging brands, specialist merchants and quality manufacturers.

Our aim is to be the go-to destination for millennial-minded consumers, who yearn for a more responsible, value-driven way of consumption, without sacrificing trendiness and premium quality.

We love products with a passion, but above and beyond we also value and recognise its impact on culture, on people, on the supply chain and on the environment. We, therefore, as much as possible, select brands and designers who express a particular desire to create products in a sustainable manner - using eco materials, time-honoured methods, or have a social partnership with artisans, or give back to the community.

IRYNE is founded by two energetic co-founders who have had non-linear professional careers - in Architecture & Product Design, Supply Chain Strategy, Procurement Tech, Private Equity, M&A (Logistics, retail-tech, Retail, Brands), e-Commerce supply chain, Specialty Retail - that finally culminated into that which is what they were always meant to do.

Our proposition to our customers:
First and foremost, we are a direct to consumer social-commerce platform. But we want to 'Be the Product and Trend leader' for a niche category that plays to the strengths of the brands and merchants on our platform (Selective Quality Leadership).

We choose to focus on a very few verticals, themes and messages. By keeping the message on-target, IRYNE activates a channel for customers to resonate with our message.

We cannot be everything for everybody; so instead, we focus on being something for somebody.

Our Proposition to our Merchants:
In this new-normal world, IRYNE’s mission is to create an innovative DTC platform for premium SMEs, with unique retail strategies to enable communities to BUY BETTER and to champion quality products that align with POSTIVE SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL values.

Stories and visuals are what moves consumers. Merchants who list with us will be considered our collaborators and not just “another revenue source”. We will endeavour to make you and your brand shine and connect with the consumers who appreciate what you do. Not just with advertising , but with real content and visual stories.

Our Proposition to our future co-workers:
If you are an industry expert who wants to truly make a difference; if you believe e-commerce can be **Trendy, Cool, Progressive, Sustainable FAIR, slow, sociable and authentic**, then IRYNE is the place for you to build something meaningful.

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    Ting-Ting Zhang
    CEO, Co-Founder
    Ting-Ting Zhang is the co-founder of IRYNE, a social-driven ecommerce platform. Established in 2020, IRYNE was borne out of her passion for uncover... Read More
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    William Tan
    COO, Co-Founder
    William is an experienced intrapreneur who has built new revenue streams, launched new brand, created new business models, and constructed new oper... Read More