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In an industry where opportunities are measured in milliseconds, and valued in millions, it is important to analyse and react to information quickly. This can be achieved by having your information delivered visualised, in real time. Our development team adheres to the theory that frequent, continuous progress is the most effective way to adapt to the market demands and rapidly increasing technological influence on the trading industry. Our suite of customisable enterprise trading solutions, allow clients to supplement their most immediate needs, and also grow and adapt with them as needs evolve over time.

Ironfly Technologies is an agile, ambitious team of engineers dedicated to delivering high quality software for capital markets professionals with relentless attention to detail, principled design, and constant iteration towards elegance, our team’s commitment is to provide our clients with industry leading product and service. Your competitive edge is in the speed and accuracy that you can interpret new information. Ironfly allows you to aggregate your information sources, from transaction, portfolio, risk, execution, and analytics data, to ensure you have the most timely possible access to the information most valuable to you. Ironfly’s functional focus is on the core of buy-side investment analysis and trading. These include the traditional Position, Order and Execution Management Systems that form the primary workflow of investment management.