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We want to meet various people with diverse mindsets, learn and obtain as much knowledge as possible while defying social norms and challenging ourselves daily. Our goal was to create something tangible from a simple idea that filled a gap in the fast growing health and wellness market.

Information and education about health and wellness is constantly growing at a rapid rate. People are more conscious about what, how and why they should take care of their bodies and minds.

The IRIS brand offers a platform where everyone can connect, interact and access new, fun, innovative aspects of a positive lifestyle while unwinding from the fast-paced environment they endure regularly.

IRIS: Your Escape is an all day Health & Wellness Festival. We create a community that is accessible and open to everyone regardless of age, gender and race.

Through yoga, meditation, fitness, music, the arts and education, we inspire individuals to become a better version of themselves.

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    Gianni Melwani
    Founder & Director
    I am Founder of the IRIS brand and Director at Hybrid Group. My role involves finding creative solutions, networking, sales & marketing, art &a... Read More
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    Charlz Ng
    I am CEO of Hybrid Group. I set strategies and am responsible for day-to-day operations with expertise in event management, creative marketing and ... Read More
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    Gary Wan
    I am the COO and handle business development, event coordination, operation and production management. I am an avid gym-goer and enjoy fishing. ... Read More