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iPYGG, the Digital Piggy Bank solving Millennials Financial Issues.
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I created iPYGG because i know how difficult it is for millennial to save money, iPYGG is the Personal Financial Management app to assist millennials solving their financial issues.

There are about 200,000 university students in Hong Kong. However, 75.5% of them hold at least 1 credit card, but 29% of them spend over budget. IEC 2015 research demonstrates that 40% of the tertiary students face varying levels of financial stress. A key concern is not being able to make ends meet.
iPYGG can automatically save and grow users money by round up savings & micro investing. Round up savings is the way users can save extra while spending with the linked credit cards. Users can choose rounding up the amount from single digit (e.g. 7.8 to 8), double digit (e.g. 7.8 to 10) to triple digit (e.g. 7.8 to 100). the extra will be deducted from the Bank Savings Account. Investment is also no longer be difficult. Our portfolios are divided from Conservative to Aggressive 5 portfolios. It invests in U.S. & Hong Kong ETFs contains government bonds, corporate bonds, Emerging Market Stocks, Developed Market Stocks & Financial Products. The Minimum investment amount is HK$100 only.

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  • Derek Lao
    Chief Financial Officer
    Hong Kong Retail Banking 15 Year Exp. Oxford Fintech Programme Graduate Fintech Speaker in Asia
  • Allen PakChing Lau
    Chief Executive Officer
    Allen P.C. Lau, Founder & CEO of iPYGG, Economic Times Business Leader 2019, Hong Kong Fintech Delegates 2019 to London with Hong Kong Financia... Read More
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    Associate Technology Director