iPYGG Fintech Group LImited

iPYGG, the Digital Piggy Bank solving Millennials Financial Issues.

Most of the Millionaires and Billionaires got a Private bank or wealth manager helping them to grow and manage their wealth.
However, In Hong Kong, 86% of them admitted to knowing little or nothing about financial investment products; 62% of Millennials live from paycheck to paycheck; 30% of the Bankruptcy cases come from Millennial due to overspending habits with their credit cards.
iPYGG is a fintech app connecting to banks and financial institutions for users to connect financial data. It provides the best financial solutions to solve users’ financial issues and prevent users are trapped into debt problems, in terms of assets evaluation, debt problems, financial planning, taxation advisory and even investment strategies.

iPYGG is your personal assistant that consolidates your accounts and takes care all of your financial needs.
No matters you want to evaluate your financial status with budgeting, save extra money or invest like a professional, you can do it all with iPYGG. It allows users to connect your banks account or manual account, all the financial information will be analysed by AI and users will be advised the best financial moves to improve their financial status, , e.g. asset evaluation, debt planning and taxation.

What users need to do is linking up their bank accounts in our app or choosing manual accounts. The AI will analyse the financial data, advising them the best financial moves to improve their financial status, e.g. linking financial target together with their partner, real time asset evaluation: e.g. Housing and Investment, debt planning that provides IVA, DRP or Balance Transfer, taxation advisory & investment strategies.

In our investment strategies advisory, users will be advised based on their risk preference, which could be divided from conservative to aggressive 5 portfolios and It will invest in the US ETFs, holding more than 10,000 different assets. The expected return is from 3-15% and the minimum investment amount is just HK100.

One of our featured function that helps millennials to save unconsciously is Round up savings, it is the way users save extra while spending with the linked credit cards. When users spend, the transaction record will be sent to our backend, it will be encrypted and sending the charging request to users bank account. It rounds up the purchase amount to integer and saving the difference in iPYGG. The amount in iPYGG can be transferred into the investment portfolio automatically.

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    Allen PakChing Lau
    Chief Executive Officer
    Allen P.C. Lau, Founder & CEO of iPYGG, Economic Times Business Leader 2019, Hong Kong Fintech Delegates 2019 to London with Hong Kong Financia... Read More
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    Anson Sham
    Founder of APLUZA, a startup agency in technology Former CEO of WingBoo, sold for HKD 8.00 Mn Bachelor of Business at Stanford University Fintech A... Read More
  • Michael Li
    Technology Team Lead
    5 Years experience in technical development
  • Desidhu
    AI & Data Scientist
    Bachelor of Engineering & Financial Engineering in CUHK Early Admission to university for outstanding academic achievements Specializes in Data... Read More
  • Dsc01190
    Michael Kit
    Investment Team Lead
    Worked at leading finance institutions, including CITIC, HKEx Mphil Student at the University of Cambridge in Finance and Real Estate
  • Dsc01269
    Arkady Gavrilov
    Taxation Team Lead
    Bachelor of Science in GLEF Assistant in Economic and Trade Section of the Slovak Republic Embassy
  • Cody Poh
    Head of Corporate Finance
    Worked at Morgan Stanley, Boston Consulting Group and CICC Runs a student-led VC fund in Asia Specializes in finance and investor relations