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Survive GDPR with Ipseity Network. Make sense of data with reduced personal identifiable information exposure
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Data privacy is our passion. End users should have control of their personal data. Enterprises don't need as much personal identifiable information to make business decisions. As privacy regulations evolves and end users become more educated and aware of data privacy, Ipseity Network aims to be the data privacy solution for enterprises.

Our products help enterprises use data to make business decisions while reducing the exposure of owning personal identifiable information. This helps reduces the risks for enterprises with customers or partners in Europe that is potentially affected by GDPR.

  • Bill
    Bill Lee
    20+ years of experience working for various high-tech companies in the United States such as CA, Oracle, Concur Technologies, Marimba, FAST Search,... Read More
  • Jens
    Jens Wernborg
    Jens has over 20 years’ experience of doing business in Hong Kong, China and India across a wide range of industries. He has been passionate about ... Read More
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    Amrit Sethi
    Sales & Marketing
    "Over 30 years of experience helping clients explore the world and make travel stress free." Amrit has worked for a classical Hong Kong SME for... Read More