Internet of Stories Ltd

Internet of Stories empowers creators and purpose driven brands to grow with innovation.


Understanding the challenges of startup innovation, product and brand growth from my own experience of working with startups and dislike for marketing/ads that don't add value to people's lives.


Growth, creative innovation, content creation, inspiring people and brands to be the best version of themselves and live their dream lifestyle, consumer tech that solves problems and add value


Democratise new technologies by offering online courses, training and consulting services for startups, purpose driven brands and independent creators, on how to creatively leverage tools and content to grow and achieve their goals more effectively.

Empower and help entrepreneurs develop in a holistic way

Create content that adds value to end consumers rather than just another ad

Evolve consumer brands

Internet of Stories offer online course products, workshops, community events and consulting services around growth, innovation and content.

Driving growth and engagement organically and authentically by leveraging new tech/tools in combination with content, such as Snapchat Lenses, Podcasts, Smart Speakers and Online Course Products, that adds educational and entertainment value.

Problems we solve:

Help consumer brands to launch innovative new products and services to reach their business goals by leveraging tech creatively.

Product marketing that is not working effectively

Enabling purpose driven brands and creators who are working with less resources to growth hack with innovation.

  • Tracy Tsang
    Founder & CEO